Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Clone Troopers

I'm not a die hard fan of Star Wars but I can't deny that the film is a worldwide phenomenon. And Lego is taking advantage of it by producing Lego Star Wars sets since year 1999.

At first, I didn't pay much attention to the themes because it just like another Star Wars merchandise but as the film continues with its prequel trilogies, more and more characters emerged. This means a lot of new mini figures were produced based on the film's characters.

Recently I made a new start by purchasing Lego mini figures from Star Wars theme. As shown in picture above, I received my first batch of Clone Troopers. From left is Clone Trooper from Episode II, the blue one is a Senate Commando taken from set 8039 and far right is a Clone Jet pack Trooper. Again their helmets mark their identity.

I've seen one of a collectors who have a whole regiment of identical clone or storm troopers, maybe a thousand or more. I wish I could had them - if only I have extra money and not to forget, extra space in our home.

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