Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Army Go Green

8th December 1941.

Tora! Tora! Tora!

The 25th Imperial Army had attacked Malaya. The troops were advancing down the northern cost of Malaya after the successful amphibious assault on the Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

The battle is notable for the Japanese use of bicycle infantry, which allowed troops to carry more equipment and swiftly move through thick jungle terrain.

However, they did not bring the bicycles with them in order to speed up the disembarkation process. Their Intel reported such machines were plentiful in Malaya. Later on, the Imperial Army quickly confiscated the bicycles they needed from civilians and retailers - by force of course.

The Malayan Campaign was a campaign fought by Allied and Japanese forces in Malaya, from 8 December 1941 – 31 January 1942 during World War II.

The Imperial Army took less than 60 days to capture Malaya.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Another theme that was produced during my dark age of Lego is Western theme (1996-2002). Born in era of 80's, I was like any other boys who played Cowboys and Indians after watching evening TV's episode of High Chaparral and Little House on Prairie.

As we can see from the picture, it is clearly visible at the belt written with two letters of 'US'. The uniform is sky-blue, not the dark blue as I seen in Dances with Wolves movie. More vibrant and shiny for plastic soldiers.

The left mini figure with long rifle is just an ordinary soldier. He wears a white bandana and a kepi hat. His face of brown beard is the similar one found in Pirates set - the Harbor Sentry.

The Colonel, which wears a hat with two-crossed swords insignia, have a beautiful coat with two golden stars attached to its collar. He wields a gray sabre. The head is not the original one. This one I took it from the Admiral's head in Pirates 2009 theme.

At right of the picture is a Lieutenant Cavalry with a six-shooter. His uniform is different from the soldier. He has army rank insignia on his collar.

This mini figures usually come with horses. If not, they were put on garrison in fort. Their match? The Red Indians of course. Or maybe some outlaws, bandits and bank robbers or horse thieves but hey, that's the sheriff and marshal's duty isn't it?

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

LEGO Medieval Mini Figures

Tales of The Two Peasants story by littlebrickman.

"Look at that o cousin Louie, fresh water!" said Baldan the Woodcutter. He approached the stream, laid down his axe and washed his face before he drank some water.

Louie the Hunter ignored his younger cousin's actions. His eyes were looking around suspiciously, scanning the area for any danger lurking in the forest. He got his bow ready, just in case if there were wild animals or even worse, the bandits.

"I think this place is suitable for us to settle down. It is deep within the forest. No one will find us here. What do you think o cousin Louie?" asked Baldan the Woodcutter.

"Yup, I guess you are right, Baldan. We've been walking for almost ten days since the raid on our village." Louie the Hunter sat down under an apple tree.

"The soil here looks fertile. Look at this tree. The apples are sweet and big. I wish the others were here with us right now," added Louie.

Baldan plucked an apple from the tree and took a bite. After a while he spoke up.

"I don't know about the others except the Romdys. I saw them fleeing into the forest like us."

"You think we can rebuild our life again, Louie?" asked Baldan. He threw the apple's core not far from the tree. "There you are, hope you'll grow into another fine tree," he said.

"I'm old, Baldan. But wise enough not to let this life beats me up. Like this apple tree. It started from a tiny seed. Well, we are going to set up base at this location while waiting for others to regroup with us," explained Louie the Hunter.

"That's the spirit cousin. I'll go find some big trees so I can build a tree house. After that I'll collect some firewood," Baldan picked up his axe and started walking north.

Four hours passed by. Louie the Hunter went back to the place at the apple tree after setting up several animal traps around the area. He brought a dead wild chicken in his hand. His younger cousin was nowhere around.

"Oit Louie, up here," yelled Baldan from a top of a tree, a big tree.

"Nice tree house cousin. Keep us safe from the beasts on this ground," said Louie.

"What's for dinner?".

Louie held up the chicken. "Wild bird. Not so big meal. Lets pray the traps I build will catch us deers or boars tonight. If not, tomorrow maybe. Better start the fire up. I'm going to clean this bird," replied Louie.

Later when the sky became dark, the two cousins sat near a fire camp, waiting for their roast bird to be cooked. Both were staring at the fire. The sound from the running stream filled the dark and damp forest. Echoes of hooting owls and sometimes howling of wolves broke the silence.

"What are your plans, Louie?" asked Baldan.

"What do you mean?" Louie asked Baldan back.

"About this base. How are we going to start? There are only two of us," said Baldan.

"This is just a temporary, cousin. Well, we started it already with this tree house. I say this going to be our Town Centre. We rally our people here," explained Louie.

"You mean we are going to find the others? They don't know we are here," said Baldan as he stabbed the roasted bird in front of him with his knife. "It's ready. Lets eat. I'm hungry."

"Smells good," replied Louie. They both had a wonderful dinner as strangers in a new place.

"You know what, Baldan. I left secret markings along our journey. I hope anyone from our side would recognize the marks and lead them to us," said Louie as he ate a drumstick.

"You surely know what to do, cousin. Always one step ahead in thinking. You are a true hunter," Baldan gave Louie a thumb up.

"We better stockpile food rations and other resources before more come in. By that time I hope this base can shelter many people. You can start tomorrow, clearing this area of trees and collect timbers. I'll gather foods and seeds for planting. We'll need a lot of woods for buildings and fences," Louie told Baldan.

"Wow, are we going to build a fort this time, Louie? " Baldan was excited with Louie's plan.

"Looks like one. This time we are going to defend this base properly. We shall build watch towers and make new weapons and train ourselves how to fight off our enemy. Fences are important. I don't want our livestock and farms being attacked by wild beasts," explained Louie.

"Like old days, huh Louie? Back then when we were King's soldier." Baldan sighed.

"You are right cousin. But we have to start from a scratch. So much things to do. We'll live one day at a time. Lets get some rest. We'll need all the energy to start tomorrow's tasks," ordered Louie.

"Good night Louie."

"Good night Baldan."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, August 20, 2011

LEGO Kingdoms - The Green Dragon Clan

Good day lads. My name is Dux Von Drake Bafis. I am a marquis in Dragon Estate, a march on the border of Imperial City. Beyond our gates are the Mountains of Laruz. My troops are stationed here to protect His Majesty Kingdoms from invaders of the east.

This is my faithful wife, Lady Dursina. She is a daughter of Sir Dominic Dracov -- a knight and Protector of Dragon Clan. Yup, she's taller than me. So what?
Damian Domigo is my adviser. He is a Dragon Mage who knows ancient magic. Rumors said that he owned a dragon but I never saw one, so far.
These are the Dragon Old Guards. They are well-trained with halberd. They are strong that they can use a halberd with one hand. They served my father for many years. Now they are my finest bodyguards and protect our Dragon Estate from unwelcome intruders.
Sir Dominic Dracov, a knight and Protector of Dragon Clan.
Me with Sir Dominic. When in present danger, he is the one who rides out and investigate what is happening at the border. He wears heavy body armor and wields a lance and a black sword. He also carries a large shield. His black stallion is the fastest in this land.
This is our Dragon Black Vanguards. They are masters of spear. With medium breast plate, they move swiftly in combat. They faces are hidden behind full face helm and only I know their true identity. When I'm out from the estate, the Vanguards escort my horse carriage.
Finally, these are my Dragon Marksmen. They are armed with metal crossbow and wear light chain mail.

As a marquis who hold a title Dux, I can raise an army of 20 men. But so far the Dragon Clan is consist of 10 soldiers. I am about to recruit a few more men to garrison the border. That's mean there are another ten mouth to feed and a bagful of goldleon (gold coins use in our kingdoms) to pay these men.

To raise income for my army, I provide escorts to travelers who want to travel beyond the border. The Dragon Black Vanguards also serve His Majesty to protect precious cargo convoys.

Sometimes we conduct black operations by sneaking into enemy's land and steal their harvest and goldleons. Mostly our enemies are the brickmen of the sea - the pirates and the Vickins ( a tribe of axe men).

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lego Star Wars Theme - Ready Stock for Sale.

Headquarters - 1317Hours.


Today I would like to introduce some of Lego Star Wars mini figures in my collection box. After a serious consideration, I have decided to sell some of the characters in order to give way to my Pirates collection.

Yes, comrades. I'm building an army. So shut up and read.

#1. Captain Jag.
Which one is Captain Jag? Both look alike, but if you check the helmets, he is the one with blue markings.

And who is Captain Jag?

Well, he is a clone pilot during the Clone Wars that fought during the Battle over Courscant.
He came with the set 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter.

He also killed Jedi Master Plo Koo. Tough guy, eh?

You like him? I'm selling at eBay for GBP 7.00 + GBP 2.50 for shipping worldwide. Oh, he loves to travel by air. In an envelope, anyway.

NEXT !!!

#2. TIE Pilot

Don't get confused here. He is not a normal airlines pilot who wears a necktie.

TIE Pilots are the pilots of the Galactic Empire. They are also known as Imperial Pilots. They have black legs, torsos with a breathing and voice decoder (like Mr. Darth Vader), and helmet like a Stormtroopers' with two Empire symbols. They pilot Imperial TIE Fighters. Wicked!

Yep, I'm letting him go for GBP 6.90. Sorry mate, your flying skill is not required here in my Pirates land. Off you now. Go on. Hurry up!

#3. Zev Senesca & A-Wing Pilot.

Please look at the left mini figure with orange jumpsuit. He is Zev Senesca.

In Star Wars Episode V, Zev Senesca was a Rebel Pilot during the Batle of Hoth. He was the pilot who rescued Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo. He wears a white helmet with gray and yellow markings.

Sadly, he was shot down during the Battle of Hoth. What a great man he was.

Besides him is an A-Wing Pilot mini figure. A rebel A-wing fighter pilot from episode VI. The A-wing Pilot wears a green flight suit and a gray helmet with a yellow pattern on it.

Both mini figures is on sale at GBP 3.95 each.

That's all for today, folks. I'm off for me lunchie. See ya later. DISMISS !

Friday, January 7, 2011

TIME - Medic Sergeant Lady Dux Almas Dayana

FORT LION, Midwife Island.

No one truly understood why such a beauty and brilliant lady from a noble family would spend her youth serving His Majesty Kingdom Guards.

Some people might think she was promoted and gets special treatment because her father was the Wizurai of South Purple State.

She was among a few of female Royal Red Jackets and the only female NCO at Fort Lion. She got in with her pure talent despite her connection with the Wizurai.

She was not an ordinary RRJ. She was with the Ghost Unit - a special operation section of Royal Red Jackets which involved in intelligence, offensive raids and SAR (search and rescue) both on land and sea.

She had multiple lives at Fort Lion. She helps the Peleton Sergeant with medical equipment and supplies and provides examination and care to others. But most of the time the soldiers treated her as their personal counselor; to share their problems and some even tried to share their feelings. But Lady Dux Almas Dayana was immune to love poems, chocolates and flowers.

On ship, she was the bodyguard of Leftenant Jon Kaisan and helped him with land and water navigation. Beside that, she was one of the 3 Surgeon's mates who treat wounded and trauma marines and seamen.

Despite being highly trained and physically tough, this expert medical technician still hold a little princess inside her. During free time, she used to practice theater and performing arts, reading books as well as story-telling. That's why she was popular among her comrades for entertaining them while garrisoning the quite and solitude Fort Lion in Midwife Island.

Medic Sergeant Lady Dux Almas Dayana
  • Daughter of the Wizurai of South Purple State
  • a rose surrounded by thorns.
***Pic by Little Brick Man

=TIME= a novel