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LEGO Medieval Mini Figures

Tales of The Two Peasants story by littlebrickman.

"Look at that o cousin Louie, fresh water!" said Baldan the Woodcutter. He approached the stream, laid down his axe and washed his face before he drank some water.

Louie the Hunter ignored his younger cousin's actions. His eyes were looking around suspiciously, scanning the area for any danger lurking in the forest. He got his bow ready, just in case if there were wild animals or even worse, the bandits.

"I think this place is suitable for us to settle down. It is deep within the forest. No one will find us here. What do you think o cousin Louie?" asked Baldan the Woodcutter.

"Yup, I guess you are right, Baldan. We've been walking for almost ten days since the raid on our village." Louie the Hunter sat down under an apple tree.

"The soil here looks fertile. Look at this tree. The apples are sweet and big. I wish the others were here with us right now," added Louie.

Baldan plucked an apple from the tree and took a bite. After a while he spoke up.

"I don't know about the others except the Romdys. I saw them fleeing into the forest like us."

"You think we can rebuild our life again, Louie?" asked Baldan. He threw the apple's core not far from the tree. "There you are, hope you'll grow into another fine tree," he said.

"I'm old, Baldan. But wise enough not to let this life beats me up. Like this apple tree. It started from a tiny seed. Well, we are going to set up base at this location while waiting for others to regroup with us," explained Louie the Hunter.

"That's the spirit cousin. I'll go find some big trees so I can build a tree house. After that I'll collect some firewood," Baldan picked up his axe and started walking north.

Four hours passed by. Louie the Hunter went back to the place at the apple tree after setting up several animal traps around the area. He brought a dead wild chicken in his hand. His younger cousin was nowhere around.

"Oit Louie, up here," yelled Baldan from a top of a tree, a big tree.

"Nice tree house cousin. Keep us safe from the beasts on this ground," said Louie.

"What's for dinner?".

Louie held up the chicken. "Wild bird. Not so big meal. Lets pray the traps I build will catch us deers or boars tonight. If not, tomorrow maybe. Better start the fire up. I'm going to clean this bird," replied Louie.

Later when the sky became dark, the two cousins sat near a fire camp, waiting for their roast bird to be cooked. Both were staring at the fire. The sound from the running stream filled the dark and damp forest. Echoes of hooting owls and sometimes howling of wolves broke the silence.

"What are your plans, Louie?" asked Baldan.

"What do you mean?" Louie asked Baldan back.

"About this base. How are we going to start? There are only two of us," said Baldan.

"This is just a temporary, cousin. Well, we started it already with this tree house. I say this going to be our Town Centre. We rally our people here," explained Louie.

"You mean we are going to find the others? They don't know we are here," said Baldan as he stabbed the roasted bird in front of him with his knife. "It's ready. Lets eat. I'm hungry."

"Smells good," replied Louie. They both had a wonderful dinner as strangers in a new place.

"You know what, Baldan. I left secret markings along our journey. I hope anyone from our side would recognize the marks and lead them to us," said Louie as he ate a drumstick.

"You surely know what to do, cousin. Always one step ahead in thinking. You are a true hunter," Baldan gave Louie a thumb up.

"We better stockpile food rations and other resources before more come in. By that time I hope this base can shelter many people. You can start tomorrow, clearing this area of trees and collect timbers. I'll gather foods and seeds for planting. We'll need a lot of woods for buildings and fences," Louie told Baldan.

"Wow, are we going to build a fort this time, Louie? " Baldan was excited with Louie's plan.

"Looks like one. This time we are going to defend this base properly. We shall build watch towers and make new weapons and train ourselves how to fight off our enemy. Fences are important. I don't want our livestock and farms being attacked by wild beasts," explained Louie.

"Like old days, huh Louie? Back then when we were King's soldier." Baldan sighed.

"You are right cousin. But we have to start from a scratch. So much things to do. We'll live one day at a time. Lets get some rest. We'll need all the energy to start tomorrow's tasks," ordered Louie.

"Good night Louie."

"Good night Baldan."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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