Monday, May 23, 2011

Lego Star Wars Theme - Ready Stock for Sale.

Headquarters - 1317Hours.


Today I would like to introduce some of Lego Star Wars mini figures in my collection box. After a serious consideration, I have decided to sell some of the characters in order to give way to my Pirates collection.

Yes, comrades. I'm building an army. So shut up and read.

#1. Captain Jag.
Which one is Captain Jag? Both look alike, but if you check the helmets, he is the one with blue markings.

And who is Captain Jag?

Well, he is a clone pilot during the Clone Wars that fought during the Battle over Courscant.
He came with the set 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter.

He also killed Jedi Master Plo Koo. Tough guy, eh?

You like him? I'm selling at eBay for GBP 7.00 + GBP 2.50 for shipping worldwide. Oh, he loves to travel by air. In an envelope, anyway.

NEXT !!!

#2. TIE Pilot

Don't get confused here. He is not a normal airlines pilot who wears a necktie.

TIE Pilots are the pilots of the Galactic Empire. They are also known as Imperial Pilots. They have black legs, torsos with a breathing and voice decoder (like Mr. Darth Vader), and helmet like a Stormtroopers' with two Empire symbols. They pilot Imperial TIE Fighters. Wicked!

Yep, I'm letting him go for GBP 6.90. Sorry mate, your flying skill is not required here in my Pirates land. Off you now. Go on. Hurry up!

#3. Zev Senesca & A-Wing Pilot.

Please look at the left mini figure with orange jumpsuit. He is Zev Senesca.

In Star Wars Episode V, Zev Senesca was a Rebel Pilot during the Batle of Hoth. He was the pilot who rescued Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo. He wears a white helmet with gray and yellow markings.

Sadly, he was shot down during the Battle of Hoth. What a great man he was.

Besides him is an A-Wing Pilot mini figure. A rebel A-wing fighter pilot from episode VI. The A-wing Pilot wears a green flight suit and a gray helmet with a yellow pattern on it.

Both mini figures is on sale at GBP 3.95 each.

That's all for today, folks. I'm off for me lunchie. See ya later. DISMISS !