Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers

Death Star.

Trooper 1 : Sir, we had the imposters. Two of them.
Command Centre : Good job. Bring them in.

Luke : Psst... hey Han, what blown up our cover?
Han : We got the wrong outfit. Looks like they were issued with new
stormtrooper armor. Besides, we both forgot the helmets.

Trooper 5 : Oit you two. Silent.

Han : Didn't your Jedi teacher, err what's his name?
Luke : Master Yoda.

Han : Right, Didn't Mister Yodel taught you how to loose these handcuff?
Luke : Uhh?Oh I just skipped the lesson. I was more interested with the lightsaber.
And don't you ever, ever insult Grand Master Jedi Yoda in front of me.

Han : Uhhh . . . I'm scared.
Luke : I'm warning you, Han.

Han : Well tell that green slimey . . . ouch, stop pulling my hair Luke. Stop it!...

Trooper 2 : The prisoners are trying to escape. Shoot them!

Trooper 1 : Seize fire ! Seize fire! Oh no, we're getting into trouble this time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lego Mini Figures Series 3 and Series 4

( by Little Brick Man)

My snow heart warrior,
I have this heartache
To see you choose to decide
Which one is faster
The horse, the arrow
or this short lives of ours...

geisha love samurai.forever.

My beautiful sakura,
In this short life of ours
We choose to live either with honour or love
Without it
We just like melted snow
Crushed under the horse's feet.