Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers

Death Star.

Trooper 1 : Sir, we had the imposters. Two of them.
Command Centre : Good job. Bring them in.

Luke : Psst... hey Han, what blown up our cover?
Han : We got the wrong outfit. Looks like they were issued with new
stormtrooper armor. Besides, we both forgot the helmets.

Trooper 5 : Oit you two. Silent.

Han : Didn't your Jedi teacher, err what's his name?
Luke : Master Yoda.

Han : Right, Didn't Mister Yodel taught you how to loose these handcuff?
Luke : Uhh?Oh I just skipped the lesson. I was more interested with the lightsaber.
And don't you ever, ever insult Grand Master Jedi Yoda in front of me.

Han : Uhhh . . . I'm scared.
Luke : I'm warning you, Han.

Han : Well tell that green slimey . . . ouch, stop pulling my hair Luke. Stop it!...

Trooper 2 : The prisoners are trying to escape. Shoot them!

Trooper 1 : Seize fire ! Seize fire! Oh no, we're getting into trouble this time.

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