Monday, April 2, 2012

The Islanders

Welcome back to another memory lane.
This time the year was 1994.

The Islanders had been added into Classic Pirates theme. Creating another clan or party besides the existing Imperial Soldiers and pirates.

The characteristic of these minifigures can be seen at their painted face and using plant-based clothing. The chieftain of this tribal islander have his own unique name given by Lego ; King Kahuka. Yes, he was a king and he had his own throne too. His painted face is different from normal islander with white and blue colour. He also wearing a red bulky masked helmet.

Like other pirates minifigures, Lego created a female islander with lipstick on.

The islanders equipped themselves with brown spears and large oval shield. They also used bows and arrows. Due to their natural surroundings, they travel from one island to another island in canoe or catamaran with sails. Their home were made from coconut tree and palm leaves.

The animals in this islander theme includes parrots, crocodiles and monkeys. They also had treasure hidden in their island.

So,were these islanders in good side or were they savage and cannibal tribe? Well, in Lego world, it is you to decide which are the good guys and who were the bad guys.

For me, the islanders is a neutral tribe. They welcome both Imperial Soldiers and the Pirates to do trading with them. As long their peaceful life is not disturbed or they will be fearsome warriors when it comes into protecting they sacred ground and hidden treasures.

--- Series 3 Minifigures 'Hula Dancer Girl' would be a nice add on into islanders pirate theme---