Friday, May 25, 2012

Clone Wars Soldier

Clone Trooper
These updated Phase I armor soldiers with more stylized graphic pattern has been replacing the clone troopers of year 2003 Lego Star Wars set.

This troop has fought for the Republic in eight Clone Wars (CW) sets since 2008 and were last seen in action in set 8098 Clone Turbo Tank (2010).

Each soldier has an identity with its flesh-colored head piece of clone face instead plain black head piece found in the old clone trooper.

Clone Wars clone troopers wear full simpler helmets that are printed with a black visor, compared to the Version.2003 which the helmets were designed with T-shape visor with a hollow. The black head piece gave a black visor effect.

Its torso were printed with a design to make it look like its wearing white plastoid armor that give an impression of a lightweight armor but blaster-resistant. Its utility belt holds survival gear, ammunition and assault equipment. Standard issue weapon for this soldier is a DC-15 blaster rifle.

The Death of Clone Troopers?

In Episode III Lego SW Sets, another clone trooper design were made with the improvement of advanced Phase II armor. It is a different shape as it contains superior communications and breathing apparatus.

This maybe a transition between the clone troopers into standard stormtrooper. The Phase II clone troopers have blank black heads that can be seen through the open T-visor of their helmets. The helmet itself have the characteristic of a stormtrooper-style helmet with its heat dispersal vents aid breathing.

This minifigure appears in three sets of Episode III and one of the set is 8091 Republic Swamp Speeder,released in year 2010.

These Phase II Clone Troopers can be mistakenly identify as Stormtroopers. Its the T-visor helmet is a difference.

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