Friday, January 7, 2011

TIME - Medic Sergeant Lady Dux Almas Dayana

FORT LION, Midwife Island.

No one truly understood why such a beauty and brilliant lady from a noble family would spend her youth serving His Majesty Kingdom Guards.

Some people might think she was promoted and gets special treatment because her father was the Wizurai of South Purple State.

She was among a few of female Royal Red Jackets and the only female NCO at Fort Lion. She got in with her pure talent despite her connection with the Wizurai.

She was not an ordinary RRJ. She was with the Ghost Unit - a special operation section of Royal Red Jackets which involved in intelligence, offensive raids and SAR (search and rescue) both on land and sea.

She had multiple lives at Fort Lion. She helps the Peleton Sergeant with medical equipment and supplies and provides examination and care to others. But most of the time the soldiers treated her as their personal counselor; to share their problems and some even tried to share their feelings. But Lady Dux Almas Dayana was immune to love poems, chocolates and flowers.

On ship, she was the bodyguard of Leftenant Jon Kaisan and helped him with land and water navigation. Beside that, she was one of the 3 Surgeon's mates who treat wounded and trauma marines and seamen.

Despite being highly trained and physically tough, this expert medical technician still hold a little princess inside her. During free time, she used to practice theater and performing arts, reading books as well as story-telling. That's why she was popular among her comrades for entertaining them while garrisoning the quite and solitude Fort Lion in Midwife Island.

Medic Sergeant Lady Dux Almas Dayana
  • Daughter of the Wizurai of South Purple State
  • a rose surrounded by thorns.
***Pic by Little Brick Man

=TIME= a novel

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