Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mini Figure Lost & Found

The Lost Tribal Chief, Return of an AFoL and Long Distant Love by littlebrickman.

Flashback to year 2004.

June afternoon. As I was walking in Parkson, Ipoh Parade during lunch time of my 9-5 college life, I saw this shelf-worn little box of Lego. I wondered how could such a big shopping mall took a bold step to display this shabby set with the price tag of RM 18.00. No discount. Not a nice attraction either. There were 3 similar sets actually.

As I got closer to inspect, I took one of the boxes and found out that it was set 6709 Tribal Chief from Lego Western theme. I was attracted to the war-painted horse included in the set. It had been 10 years since I last hold of Lego. This might be an old set but new to me. Never had a Western theme before. Would this be a new beginning? A new adventure?

My heart desired to have the set. But my mind kept telling me " You're 24 now". I never knew or heard about AFoL (adult fan of Lego) back then. But this was my lucky day. Discontinued Lego sets right in front my eyes, in my hands indeed. I remembered one famous war general once said,

"Seize, not waiting for opportunity".

RM 18.00 would be my 3 days meal allowance, but I could survive eating cream buns and drinking sky juice. So, acting as I was buying a present to a kid, I bought the set and asked the store assistant to wrap it with gift wrapping. A disguised package so that I didn't have to explain why an adult like me own a Lego set (that suitable for kids age 5-10) to my curious "tell-us-what's-that-in your hands" classmates.

And that was how I became an AFoL.

Later I found out that the set was released in year 1997.

2 weeks later I was in a bus traveling to Kuala Lumpur. Mission : seek and seize vintage Lego sets. Secondary objective : to meet a long lost love. Cash in hands : RM 300.

But luck was not on my side. I scouted the TRU in MidValley but much to my disappointment, there were only new sets and themes, Star Wars, Kingdom Knights II etc. No Westerns, no Ninjas.

Then she came to see me. Ms Ackey (at that particular time).

She is my ex-classmate (class of 1997). And I was about to reveal my little secret to her.

"You came here to KL from Ipoh just to buy Lego?".

"Yup, and to meet you," I answered as we dined at the Chili's. I had my all time favourite lamb chop while she opted for grill salmon. She never like lambs, and I like what she likes.

I looked into her eyes, trying to find for minor twitch or flick in her iris. If I was a mind reader, I might heard some screaming inside her head.

"Oh NO, I'm dating with a Lego FANatic!"

But nothing happened. She was as calm as a summer sea (there is no summer here in Malaysia though).

Knowing her for years, I knew she had no problem with my little hobby. This kind of respect and understanding, made me falling deeper into her unconditional love.

I dedicate this song to you, Mrs. Little Brick Man.

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