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TIME - SM Sabir Miler

FORT LION, Midwife Island.

Sergeant Major Sabir Miler. Peleton Sergeant from Royal Red Jackets (RRJ) 21 Gunners Regiment.

This old brick is a trusted and experienced soldier who assist Leftenant Jon Kaisan in commanding 2nd Peleton at Fort Lion. He is the 2nd IC, in total command of the Peleton whenever Lt. Jon Kaisan is at sea. All subordinate Section Commanders reports to him. He is the bridge between the CO and his brickmen.

A veteran of Milk War and Eden Campaign, SM Sabir Miler is not only feared by foes, but also highly respected by his men as a fatherly figure. He is the man who responsible for the discipline and training of the peleton. He is a strict instructor, especially during the preparation of parades and ceremonies whenever the top brass come to visit Fort Lion. The cannons are heavy, but SM Sabir Miler carries a heavier burden on his shoulder - the Peleton's pride and reputation.

He always shouts to his brickmen,

"Lads, are you ready everyday. Ever Ready?!. Give me hundred."

"You might think twice before messing up with SM. If he finds you walking around with your hands in pockets, you might be ending up in fort's lock-up. Or worse, court martial." says an unnamed brickman.

"That son-of-a-flintlock, who does he thinks he is? King of the Fort? At one time I just went to the loo and left my musket at the door. The next thing I remembered, I was a rolling log from our barrack to the jetty. All that lunch inside my stomach - the spinach lasagna and chips and shrimps, well, the seagulls at the bay had their feast, " said another brickman.

But SM Sabir Miler has his reasons.

"These landsmen don't know that when they entered the Red Jackets, they are married to their muskets. You walk, eat, sleep, piss or what ever you do, the musket must always with you. Even if you sleep walking, musket should be carried on your shoulder. We never know when the enemy is attacking. The moments bullets flying everywhere, you should already return fire. No matter if a fork in your left hand and your mouth still chewing food, or you just came out from your bath, naked. But as long a musket is in your hands, you are ready for a fight. Ever ready!".

"It is true because a musketeer without a musket is not a musketeer at all. You may have a cutlass as secondary. But what are you going to do with it when the enemy is a 100 yards away? Throwing the sword at them? You are no Achilles."

Besides preparing men for battle, a peleton sergeant is also in charge of logistic and medical aid during exercises and operations. At Fort Lion, SM Sabir Miler is the Master of Cannons. He usually get helps from 'powder monkeys'.

Like first sergeants, Sergeant Major Sabir Miler wears blue epaulet, and he is wearing red plume on his tricorne hat. During peleton tactical movements and operations, he's in charge with the artillery battery. He wields a cutlass and has a flintlock as his side arms.

Sergeant Major Sabir Miler
  • Eden Campaign Medal
  • Milk War Service Medal
  • Royal Artillery Operational Medal
***Pic by Little Brick Man.

=TIME= a novel.

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