Saturday, August 21, 2010

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The Pirates are in Town

Yes, with the conjunction of 20th Anniversary, Lego has generously reproduced Lego Pirates theme in Year 2009. It is a good news for Pirates fans out there. A good news that only last for 2 years time. A limited time to grab those ships and treasure island before they disappear again from the shelves.
I never quite fancy with Pirates theme during those year 1989. I was a loyal Black Falcons then. However I did bought a small box of Pirates Mini Figures (cost me about $3.00). Something different from my other collection - the Pirates had new-style faces, from beard to patched-eye to grinning and even female pirates had lipstick. Somehow it showed that mini figures could also had emotions rather than normal smiling face.Check Spelling

One thing that stopped me from collecting Pirates theme was it huge ships. Bigger sets means more expansive price tag and for a 3rd grader like me I wasn't had much money in my pocket.

By the time I reach 20s, Lego had stopped the Pirates production.
But now, since I watched movies like Master and Commander, Cut Throat Island and Pirates of the Carribeans, I realized how much I appreciate the beauty of a ship. Either the ships with Jolly Roger flag or Imperial Battleship. They are just like a floating castle if I to compare them with the Black Falcons.

As for the Imperial Armada - they are the Red Coats (some fans thought it as the British), the Blue Coats as French and the Greens which reflect the Spanish Armada ( it can be recognized with helmets and armor). Although in Master and Commander movie, the Blue coats were the navy or sailors, and the Red Coats were the Marines and they suppose to sail in the same boat, but it is fun to play British-French naval war beside the endless battle with Captain Brickbeard and his pirates. After all, Lego is full with imagination and adventures in a person view.

It seems this year of 2010 I'm spending my leisure time buying Lego Pirates theme before they became 'extinct' and vintage collection. Perhaps I should have my first ship this time.

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