Saturday, November 13, 2010

O minifig, o mini figures.

It has been quite some time I'm not writing in my blog. Traveling a lot, driving from central to south-back to central again. Then north. Again, back to central. And south, south, south for quite a few times for most weekends. Phew ! Even I stopped cooking. Sigh.

My mindset for my minifigs collection has gone astray these days. Instead of having single and unique mini figure, I have this passion of building an army. A massive of identical and uniform-based mini figures. In my case, the Imperial Soldiers and Sailors from the Pirates theme.

If I'm about to have this brigade, or battalion, to what extend? These soldiers will eventually need a fort to defend, a ship to sail, enemies to mess with, war horses to ride and fight. And things will be getting bigger, more complicated and need more space, time and money.

Do I have to stick to one or two theme(s) so I can concentrate at the army? Or do I have to collect different mini figures from many themes so that I can explore the colorful world of Lego?

Make peace and love, brothers. Not war. (Beep beep - R2D2).

Don't show us the evil side of this world. Even in this small world of little brick men.

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