Sunday, May 23, 2010

Goodbye my little friends

In year 2009 I decided to restart my Lego collecting hobby. It was hard to find vintage minifigs and sets here in Malaysia so like many collectors out there I used eBay as medium. I just got involved with eBay 2 year before, mainly as a seller.

It's not I'm saying that
there are no Legos selling at supermarkets and toy shops here but most of the current themes didn't get my attention as much as classic themes; maybe I used to cling to the past.

Then I found a good bargain on eBay and spent USD 6 for 3 minifigs of Black Falcons as shown in the picture. Only one of the three had the Black Falcon crest on its torso with sword and shield, obviously became my favorite. The other two just an added bonus.

They were in good condition, no scratches and no discoloration thanks to the previous owner who took a good care of them.

When the minifigs arrived at my place, I found they were so small in my palm compared to how I found them 22 years ago although their actual size are still the same. My old passion has been ignited - - - I bought another 2 sets of 3 minifigs; The Lion Crusaders and The Forestmen.

Later I found out there are other channel that I can get hard-to-find minifigs and Lego sets besides eBay, where I can choose specific item based on my preference.

It's time to let go these minifigs at the same place I bought them --- eBay. I made some profits selling them, but that's not the main reason because I know somebody out there who share the same hobby with me are looking for these little guys. And I'm on another new Lego hunting, only this time more personal and more accurate.

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