Monday, May 3, 2010

My First Lego

I was first introduced to Lego products when I was 5. It was my elder brother who gave me a box of plastic men. He got it for free when he was travelling to Terengganu with my parent by MAS flight. I wasn't in the company because I stayed with my grandparent in Ipoh.

For a kiddo like me, it just another toy to play with. But there was something new about it. The figures had movable arms and legs, and they can be disassembled and re-assembled to whatever variations that I want. They were small and I could put them in my pockets. Where ever I went, I brought them with me. I even put them under my pillow when I slept at nights. I started to liking them.

I didn't know how to read at that time but I remembered my brother told me it was Lego.

The year was 1985. It was set 6701 Space Mini-Figures which consisted 2 yellow suit Space-men, 2 reds and 2 whites. They had air tanks on their backs but quite funny though; the helmets they were wearing didn't have visors.

The Simpsons didn't exist during that era but these little brick men got yellow faces and one more thing that I most noticed - they always smile !

So, what was your first Lego?

***Set 6701 was released in 1983. Each of these minifigs nowdays is valued at
USD 35. That's mean a complete set for 6 mini figures will cost up to USD 210 !

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