Friday, September 28, 2012


BBB ATC : Short name of Blue Bumbble Bee Attack Gunship/Carrier
 is a dual-function aircraft that can be used on hot zone battlefield ferrying cargo/soldiers while attacking/defending enemy/friendly ground units.

Emperor Palpatine, accompanied by Darth Vader and security units of Stormtroopers were here at the launching of prototype BBB ATC.

Several other pilots like Capt. Jag, Zev Senesca, A-Wing pilot, Buzz Lightyear, S3 Pilot and S6 InterGalactic Girl were also present to see the BBB ATC for the first time. Some even volunteered to become the Test Pilot.

The Mandalorian Soldiers were given the task to guard the prototype unit. Two personal bodyguard were seen on high-powered motorbikes for extra precaution.

Pic and idea by Brickman.  

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