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The History of Dragon Faction in Kingdoms

Dragon Gates Tales

The Origin of Dragon Clan in KINGDOMS

(as discovered in The Dragon Journal of Sir Dominic Dracov)

Once upon a time, in the Lion Kingdoms, lived a king named King Leon Hart. Old and wise, King Leon's family tree can be traced back to the Wizard King Leo who ruled during Fantasy Era --- the period when dragons, orcs, trolls, undead and dwarves roamed the land and waging war with each other to claim power and wealth. But that was a very long time ago and King Leon was only a young general who served his grandfather, The Wizard King himself.

As time gone by, the Kingdom  was at peace when all the warlocks, one by one had signed treaty and King Leon was elected as the supreme leader of the realm. The Undead was the last party who joined the peace of the realm after their huge loss in The Flesh and Bones War that took 20 years of constant fighting with the King Leon's Red Armies.

King Leon Hart was blessed with two princes but still he was a worried father when it comes to decide  who will inherit his Kingdoms since both prince were twin brothers. He knew as long as he is on the throne, the involved warlocks will respect the treaty although some minor and remote attacks were reported at borderlands. Since peace is a high price to pay, he ignored the reports, as long war can be avoided and that was his main concern. It was a crucial moment. He had lost many of his men during the war and the Kingdoms itself was facing financial crisis due to post war and long drought that affected the crops in the land.

Dominic Zugor

General Dominic Zugor was the Commander of 5th Lion's Light Paladin who fought in the 20 years of the Flesh and Bones War. He returned to Lion's Kingdoms with only one quarter of his paladins, only to find his wife had died of high fever during his absent in war zone and his farm were abandoned. Brokenhearted and broke, he went back to the castle. Another bad news came to him --- the 5th Paladin was disbanded and the veterans had left for their families in homeland. He was so poor that he had to sell off his helmet and armor for some goldleons so he could stay at the inn and buy some warm meal and flagons of blueberry drinks.

 King Leon heard the news of his general but the King himself was in a bad situation. He had no goldleons and position in his castle to offer to General Dominic. After a series of long discussions with his wizard teacher and advisors, the King summoned the general and presented him The Book of 99 Laws and made the general as The Sheriff of Marshland.

"My loyal servant, now I entrusted you to be my eyes and ears of the eastern land in this Kingdom. Uphold the law and protect the innocents. Arise now, Sir Dominic, Sheriff of Marshland. The land is for you to rule, and the subjects and wealth on it are yours to govern. May Godspeed."

Those were the farewell words of King Leon to his long time general. Sir Dominic was no longer a commander of any army back then. Instead, he was the army. The one-man-army. With a black steed that His Majesty presented to him, Sir Dominic rode alone to the east. He traveled light since he left everything he had owned behind, armed only with a broadsword that helped him through so many battles during those time of wars. The Marshland was a month journey and Sir Dominic were so keen to claim his own land to rule.

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