Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Star Wars (Clone Wars) ARF Trooper

From Set 7913 : Clone Trooper Battle Pack
This Specialist Scout is called The Advance Recon Force Trooper is exclusive to this Clone Wars set, released in year 2011.

Like any other clone trooper minifigures, ARF trooper has a same torso and headpiece design. It's unique characteristic lies on his ARF helmet with some green colored markings, and regiment insignia.

ARF trooper carries out recon missions. Sometimes he initiates surprise attacks with his blaster rifle. He is just like any other Scout Trooper or Kashyyyk Trooper, only that he is fighting in Star Wars Clone Wars.

Equipments:  Since ARF Trooper operating as a single soldier, his armor is more lightweight than regular clone trooper armor, so he can moves swiftly in stealth. He carries an energy pack on his back that generates air supply and battery power. His helmet is also equipped with long-range comlink and has a specialized breathing apparatus that help him adapt to new environment.

Other minifigures that included in this set is a Clone Commander from Horn Company and two bomb squad troopers plus a white BARC speeder.

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