Thursday, August 30, 2012

8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack

Battle pack sets usually contains four mini figures equipped with weapons and simple bricks construction and vehicles. It's an easy and cheaper way if you are into army building of same minifigs/soldiers.

In this set 8084 which was released in year 2010, you can get two Snowtroopers, one AT-AT Driver and an Imperial General that looks like General Veers, only that it's headpiece doesn't have the dual sided face like Veers.

It also includes a snow speederbike and a canon outpost. The mini figures are equipped with two long blasters, one medium blaster and a binocular for the officer.

The Snowtrooper - Subartic stormtrooper.
This highly specialized stormtrooper is built to survive in extremely cold climates in Hoth planet. The airtight white body glove provides insulation from the cold. It is also suitable for camouflage on icy and snowy planets.

Its unique masked helmet, backpack and torso have been created specifically for his use. The backpack is attached to the helmet, and Lego put a blank headpiece to give the classic visor effect. The snowtrooper carries a medium/long blaster and travel on a snowspeeder.

AT-AT Driver - All Terrain Terror
As a top Imperial soldier, he commands a deadly All Terrain Armored Transport walker, short-named as At-AT walker. He is also considered to be a pilot, even though the AT-ATs are not flying machines. That's why we can see a similarity of his helmet and torso design with other TIE pilots (which have black version of helmet and torso).

With that, I rest them in a case :p.
Note: There is an extra AT-AT Driver, it's not from the set.

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