Friday, June 14, 2013

6271 Imperial Flagship 1992

Final Voyage to Islands of Bones

Fort Lion

Day 13th of 6th Lunar.

On this very day after 20 years of service in HM Red Jackets, HMS Imperial Flagship (HMS IF) is making her final voyage to Island of Bones, de-commisioned.

This 2-guns ship will join the Naval Fleet of The Blue Coats in hostile waters of Bones Aruz, serving as interceptor and short range island/shore patrol.

Enroute from Fort Lion, Midwife Island, steering by a sea-veteran Admiral Woodhouse, HMS IF has been ordered to burn and sink any enemy boats and ships that she encounters along the sails.

Admiral Woodhouse

This old brick made a shock decisson when he refused to take any crew on board. He alone will sail [HMS IF] with his deep experience.

The fate of the ship lies in his hands solely, thus making this journey as 'Final Voyage' among the Red Jackets in Fort Lion. 

With two cannons loaded onto the ship, the defense mechanism at Fort Lion is reduced to two-cannons.
The fort located on a remote isle of Midwife Island is currently garrisoned by a Section of ten-brickmen, led by a Red Jacket's Captain.

The drummer beats the quarters in a simple farewell ceremony.

The two cannons in defending Fort Lion.

Bon voyage! 
pic by Brickman.

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