Thursday, May 23, 2013

KINGDOMS: 7955 Dragon Mage

From set 7955 released in 2010, this small box was sold at Parkson @RM17.90 before 10% discount.
The price tag was labelled as "Wizard Impulse" :p

It consisted of one mini figure and  about 15 bricks and parts. It was the only dragon wizard found in Kingdoms theme at that time. The other wizard of this kind was seen in Kingdoms Chess Set, and there was another blue wizard in Advent Calendar set. 

But the unique of this mage compared to the other version from the chess set is its golden dragon emblem printed on the wizard hat.

A baby dragon and a printed tile as a magic scroll were also included in the set.

Different as it seen in this personal modified display, the original mini figure comes with black beard and yellow hands. The mage/wizard's headpiece is the same found on Pirates 2009's Admiral , with grey eyebrows, moustache and sideburn.

Since the Dragon Faction does not have a king like its rival Lion Faction, I suppose the dragon mage is the leader of the faction. This is based from the chess set when the Lego Group made him as the King chess piece.

With that conclusion, I rest the mage in the case.

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