Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Islanders Blast From The Past

CMF Series 11 Tiki Warrior


The happy islander folks with cheerful colors of yellow, red and green like fun fries in a packet, have another new addition to their tribe with this newly design Tiki Warrior from Lego Collectable Minifigure Series 11.

Comes with rubbery type brown spear and Tiki mask, this warrior minifigure blend in harmony with the classic Pirates theme islanders, and their long distant cousin Aztec Warrior from last series 7 CMF also have a place to share with.

The mask itself is the special part about this Tiki Warrior. In my opinion, it will be nicer if it comes with a shield like the classic islanders.

If you are thinking about raising an army of Tiki Warrior, I wish you happy hunting. It appear only two units in a box of sixty green packets of CMF Series 11, and it seems everybody loves our Mr. Tiki here like the last Aztec Warrior in CMF Series 7.

Now please excuse me, I'm craving for some pineapple thirst quencher and wild berries. Red, green and yellow is a tropical combination! Whohoo lululululu . . .

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