Friday, December 28, 2012

PoTC Minifigure - Scrum

A member of Queen Anne's Revenge pirate ship, Scrum was a crafty, mandola-playing, Machiavellian pirate. Hardly the sharpest sword in the scabbard, Scrum made up for his life with a natural-born talent for music, and duplicity.

In Lego world, Scrum minifigure appears two times in Set 4194 White Cap Bay and in PoTC Battle Pack. His torso and legs have detailed prints on them with three-piece suit of white colar shirt, dark green inner vest and brown long coat. Scrum is wearing a black tricorn hat and equipped with a brown scabbard and gray cutlass.

Like the character himself in PoTC - On Stranger Tides, Scrum minifigure comes out with flesh colour headpiece and hands. His face is printed with brown beard and goatee. He is seen wearing a necklace with a whistle and a lucky shark's tooth.

Scrum is talking to Jack in Disney's PoTC On Stranger Tides movie.

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